Commissioning checklist of a pool pump

A) Remove the clear leaf trap lid and fill the pump with water at the leaf  trap until it flows out of the suction pipe connection. The thumb screw that holds down the leaf trap lid must only be hand tightened. Do not use a spanner, pliers or pipe wrench.

B) switch on the pump and allow to run. The pump will take a short while to prime fully and then deliver full quantity. The pump must run smoothly and quietly. The pump should need no further priming by hand. On 380 volt motors check the rotation corresponds with the arrow on the fan cowl.

C) Diatomaceous earth(D.E.) filters should now be charged by pouring the D.E. into the weir of the swimming pool.

D) Sand filters must be filled with water, then charged with sand directly into the filter and not through the pump or the weir.

E) The motor temp. under normal conditions will rise to approximately 40°C above the ambient temp.